How To Pay by Money Gram By Any Card

--------How Tot Send Us With Money Gram By Any Card-------------------
STEP 1: Find an office near you:
Visit and chose "FIND A LOCATION"
Pay online using Credit Card or Bank Account:
* chose "Send Money" option to make your payment online using your credit card (not available in all
countries), * choose Receive frist name and last name and country,
*choose the Cash Pickup
* push the button "Next",
* enter the money account,
* choose the payment method.
* push the button "Next",
* great a account from money gram ,then you will get email what you send to us.
PLEASE NOTE: Commission for the transfer is already included into the total order amount.
STEP 2. Fill in the "Receiver" information EXACTLY as follows:
First name: wenjuan
Last name: yang
Country: China
Address:Cang Shang Qu,Xue Dong Beilu,Hua Tai 8-908,Fu Zhou city ,Fu Jian Pro
STEP 3. Send your payment information to us:
E-mail us with the following information.
1. Reference (money transfer control number) / Reference number. It should contains 8 digits.
2. Exact amount, first name and last name of the money sender
3. The city and country the money was sent from
It is important that you write the receivers name exactly as shown here. Any errors with regard to the
name order or spelling will result in order delays.
PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for any fees associated with the MoneyGram transfer.
This letter generated automatically, respond to it is not necessary.
Thank you again for your order.